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dabl Cardiovascular is a cardiovascular patient management system.

dabl Cardiovascular is a comprehensive hospital system for the management of cardiovascular patients using non-invasive investigations, in order to prevent stroke, heart-attack and a range of other cardiovascular diseases.

Investigation data including general risk factors, key markers and target organ indicators, are entered or uploaded. Automatic features include total cardiovascular risk assessment, a comprehensive flowchart and clinic letter generation for both the consultant and the referring physician.

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Benefits of dabl Cardiovascular > 

Time saving

Data entered, or automatically uploaded, at investigation clinic is immediately interpreted and available to the consultant or attending physician.

Key results highlighted

All patient investigations are shown with key indicators and results clearly highlighted.

Easy to follow workflow

The interface guides the user through the system in a simple and logical process.

Automatic upload of data

dabl Cardiovascular can be linked to hospital laboratory systems so that patient investigation results e.g. bloods, can be automatically uploaded.

One page flowchart

A comprehensive picture of the patient’s current status and progression.

Shared Care (Optional)

dabl Shared Care, which links primary and secondary care, allows more patients to be managed locally, reducing the demand on secondary care and saving the national health system huge costs in unnecessary repeat investigations.  

Features of dabl Cardiovascular >

Includes 24-hr ABPM

dabl ABPM, which provides a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure measurement (ABPM), is incorporated.

Cardiovascular risk

Users can choose between European Score and Framingham cardiovascular risk assessments.

Target organ assessment

Automatic interpretation of the results from cardiac, renal and vascular target organ investigations.


The cardiovascular flowchart displays the results of key indicators of blood pressure and cardiovascular morbidity at initial, current and intermediate visits.

Letter generating facility

Paragraphs in customised letters are automatically generated from investigation results using dabl WriteAid. This feature also facilitates quick entry of commonly used phrases.


Quick and easy scheduling of appointments.

dabl Shared Care (optional)

dabl Shared Care allows for the secure sharing of patient data between dabl users in primary and secondary care. 

dabl Cardiovascular Process: - it's simple! >

Once the patient is registered, clinical information is automatically or manually entered to generate a cardiovascular risk flowchart and a comprehensive patient letter in a user-friendly manner.

dabl Cardiovascular online requirements - Low Cost, Secure and Convenient >

Only requirements

Broadband and Internet Explorer browser.

High level of security

All data encrypted and backed up.  

Minimal cost

No software installed locally, no local server required, automatic updates to the system.

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