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dabl providing cardiovascular software solutions

dabl develops online cardiovascular disease management systems in collaboration with a number of international centres of excellence. These expert systems aid the PREVENTION and MANAGEMENT of high blood pressure, stroke, heart-attack and a range of other cardiovascular conditions. 

dabl also provides a complete package for the implementation, collection and analysis of ABPM and HBPM clinical study data which can be tailored to suit the study protocol. 

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Our products are not simple database systems, they have a high level of intelligence including automatic interpretation of clinical data, in line with evidenced based guidelines and research. View products

Product Benefits >

There has never been a greater need to deliver efficiencies through proven technology.  Use of the dabl online expert systems will:

  • Provide quality data for quality decisions
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Enhance patient care and safety.
  • Automatically apply the latest evidence based guidelines.
  • Enable chronic diseases to be diagnosed and managed in the community. 

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Our online healthcare software systems offer solutions in the following medical disciplines:

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dabl ABPM Pharmacy

dabl online services enable pharmacies to increase their healthcare business and promote customer loyalty.  dabl ABPM Pharmacy is an important diagnostic added-value health service.

"I am very happy with the service due to its simplicity and efficiency.  Thanks to dabl ABPM Pharmacy AFAM Pharmacies have been successful in improving the quality of our 24-hr ABPM service.  Now, the whole procedure is done very quickly and smoothly.”
Giulio Severi, Managing Director, AFAM, Italy

ABPM Pharmacy Solution
dabl centralised ABPM and HBPM services for multi-centre clinical trials

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) and Home Blood Pressure Monitoring (HBPM) are now increasingly used both to test anti-hypertensive drug efficacy in clinical trials and also as a cardiac safety biomarker. dabl centrally hosted systems lower data collection costs by providing faster, more efficient collection and processing of information. dabl Research (dedicated website)

National Cardiovascular Shared Care system

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