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Cardiovascular information for doctors and patients

On a global scale, the health research community is now well aware of the impending global pandemic of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and the alarmingly increasing rates of these disorders especially in less-developed countries. Current estimates show that approximately 15 million deaths each year are due to cardiovascular disease. The projections for the next 20 years are even more staggering.

Cardiovascular disease comes from disease of the arterial tree which carries blood to all organs in the body. The various types of Cardiovascular disease are as follows:

High blood pressure / Hypertension

As well as being a cardiovascular condition, hypertension is also the single most important risk factor for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.


Affects the arteries leading to and within the brain

Heart attack

If a blood clot develops in one of coronary arteries, the blood supply to an area of the heart muscle will stop, starving the muscle of oxygen – and a heart attack will occur.

Heart Failure

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the heart has failed; it is a term to describe a heart that is not working properly and cannot meet the body’s need for blood.

PVD Peripheral Vascular Disease

This occurs when blood flow to the arms, legs or other parts of the body becomes restricted

How dabl can help >

dabl medical software has been developed by experts and is used to manage and prevent various types of cardiovascular disease. Various studies have shown that using dabl software systems can significantly help to reduce cardiovascular events such as stroke and offer significant financial and societal benefits for national health services.

dabl products include:

dabl ABPM

Offers accurate diagnosis, management and reporting of 24-hour ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement). Used by GPs, Pharmacists, Hospitals and Health Screening Centres worldwide.

dabl Cardiovascular

Provides a quicker diagnosis, reporting and better management of patients with cardiovascular problems.

dabl Research solutions

Comprehensive analytical and statistical services for research projects and clinical trials.

Ask for dabl >

The next time you visit a GP, community clinic, pharmacy or hospital, ask for a dabl report which is clear, concise and on one page and shows immediately your blood pressure status.

Where to get a dabl report >

If you would like to find out where you can access a GP or community clinic, pharmacy or hospital that uses a dabl system please e-mail us