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Customer Feedback

We are proud to present a small selection of comments from dabl users:

By using dabl electronic interpretation of ABPM our Clinic has become more efficient and with the results been immediately available to the nurse, referring physician and patient the opportunities for rapid appropriate intervention invaluable.
Dr Tom Liu MBBS FRACP FRCPC, Renal Clinic , Grand River Hospital, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Stefanie Pagoulatos RPN, Renal Clinic, Grand River Hospital, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

 “We already offer a Healthy Heart Service nationwide, which helps people to understand their risk of developing heart disease.  We are delighted to pilot this innovative blood pressure monitoring service in a number of our pharmacies as part of our continued efforts to facilitate early detection of cardiovascular disease.
Mary Rose Burke, Chief Pharmacist, Boots, Ireland

"In Alphega Pharmacy we continuously look for innovations that will improve our business and help people in the community to stay healthier for longer.
With dabl ABPM Pharmacy, our Alphega pharmacists in Italy can now offer an added value health service that customers welcome
Antonio Savi, Director, Alphega Pharmacy, Italy

"I am very happy with the service due to its simplicity and efficiency.  Thanks to dabl ABPM Pharmacy AFAM Pharmacies have been successful in improving the quality of our 24-hr ABPM service.  Now, the whole procedure is done very quickly and smoothly.”
Giulio Severi, Managing Director, AFAM, Italy

 “We chose to provide this essential service because of our dedication to providing patients with a personalised service and informed advice in a welcoming, convenient environment.  We are confident it will offer benefits to all involved –patients are provided with a means of accurately managing their blood pressure while doctors can reduce their workloads.”
Niamh Murphy, Chief Pharmacist, McCabes Pharmacy, Ireland

"Excellent software. I love the single page report and dabl’s commitment to a browser interface, which future-proofs this product."

"Superb service for both GP and patient. Has affected my "need to treat" and I also find that the print-off of the 24hr BP measurements readings helps patient therapy compliance."

"We are delighted with dabl, with its clear and concise, easy to understand interpretations."
Practice Nurse

"I think it's a quick and easy to use system and the comprehensive print-outs are easily read."
Practice Nurse

"It is an excellent system. It would be difficult to devise a better one."