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We in dabl place you at the core of the design and operation of our systems.

Our systems are designed to identify at an early stage, potential risks so that an effective prevention program can be put in place for you.

For people needing a higher level of care, our systems are designed so that they can easily understand their illness and comply with their program of management.

It is recognised that for those who have a clear understanding of their program for improvement, their response to treatment is considerably enhanced. dabl systems are specifically designed to enable you to easily understand your program of management. Our systems are also designed to assist your physician to easily monitor your progress in accordance with the best international standards.

To achieve the highest level of care for you we use the latest research and best practice guidelines to assist the medical team to share their knowledge and experience on an international scale for your benefit. Our secure online shared systems enable the medical team to quickly and efficiently have access to all your relevant medical information to achieve successful outcomes and best management. The ability of your medical team to quickly and easily share the dabl system and your data especially at primary care (general practice) level, will enable general practitioners identify and manage low or medium risk people. This has considerable benefits for those who can be managed locally and avoid unnecessary and inconvenient visits to a hospital.

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To view information on dabl products please see our "Product" pages.
For general information on cardiovascular diseases please view our "Education" section.

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The next time you visit a GP, community clinic, pharmacy or hospital, ask for a dabl report which is clear, concise and shows immediately your status.

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If you would like to find out where you can access a GP, community clinic, pharmacy or hospital that uses a dabl system please contact us.