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For Research Centres, dabl provides a range of powerful online analytical tools for drug studies and research in high blood pressure, stroke and a range of other cardiovascular diseases. 

All dabl systems have significant research capabilities and allow for the collection of standardised data which can be easily exported for further analysis. 

The dabl ABPM Plus system is recognised internationally as the only expert online system for hypertension research using 24-hr ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement).  The system provides 251 types of blood pressure statistics, as standard.  Data is collected in a standardised format and can be exported in a logical and easy-to-understand format for further analysis.  The online configuration enables local, regional, national or international collaboration in research among dabl users.

The dabl Research system is one of the most powerful online analytical tools available for research in the areas of hypertension, stroke, heart attack and a range of other cardiovascular diseases.  We centrally host all systems for low cost implementation, for ease and security of access, for data protection and to ensure worldwide consistency.  For research centres engaged in clinical research, it enables their teams to extract anonymised data from the dabl system in accordance with research protocols.

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