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For the pharmaceutical industry, dabl provides proven centrally hosted systems for:

  • ABPM and HBPM to test anti-hypertensive drug efficacy
  • ABPM and HBPM as a cardiac safety biomarker

dabl provides the complete package for the implementation, collection and analysis of your ABPM and HBPM clinical study data which can be tailored to suit your specific needs. 

Our international customers have enjoyed many unique benefits by working with us, over the past decade

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dabl systems for research

All dabl systems have significant research capabilities and allow for the collection of standardised data which can be easily exported for further analysis.  For pharmaceutical companies dabl Research will provide a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of data from drug trials.  

The system can be tailor made to suit specific requirements of any protocol and is centrally hosted for low cost implementation, ease and security of access and data protection to ensure worldwide consistency. 

Our experienced statisticians can provide consultative statistical support, including program development advice, statistical methodology review, analysis interpretation and report review.

dabl systems for educational projects

The dabl range of cardiovascular healthcare systems can offer a pharmaceutical company an innovative means of building brand awareness and offers a way for you to revolutionise the way you promote your anti-hypertensive drugs while strongly benefiting the medical and patient communities.

The dabl ABPM range in particular, addresses a huge gap in the education and management of hypertension in the medical community and can be used to implement educational projects in GP/Community Clinics, Pharmacies and/or Specialist Centres. 

The dabl Shared Care function is available in the dabl ABPM range of systems and enables collaboration between primary and secondary care on a regional/national/international level.  This allows the collection of a vast amount of data, including data on the effectiveness of drugs prescribed by doctors to their patients.  All the data collected can be anonymised and used by the pharmaceutical company to assess and prove drug efficacy. This option is extremely useful when launching a new or combination drug.

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