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Centralised ABPM and HBPM services for multi-centre clinical trials.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) and Home Blood Pressure Monitoring (HBPM) are now increasingly used both to test anti-hypertensive drug efficacy in clinical trials and also as a cardiac safety biomarker. dabl provides proven centrally hosted systems for ease of implementation and standardised data collection, validation and analysis for multi-centre clinical trials. View our website

ABPM, in providing, full 24-hour profiles at each visit adds a new and significant dimension to the data and the possibilities for analysis. Journal for Clinical Studies article - Use of ABPM in Clinical Trials - November 2010, page 48

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Benefits of dabl Research > 

Our international customers have enjoyed many unique benefits by working with us, over the past decade, including:

Overall lower costs

Lower data collection and technology costs

Designed to provide faster, more efficient collection and processing of information, dabl centrally hosted systems lower data collection and technology costs.  This can be very significant in multi-centre and multinational studies.

Significant cost savings

The online service, coupled with the speed and accuracy of immediate and automatic verification, validation and reporting of data, enables significant cost savings compared to manual systems.

Links to range of devices

This can reduce the capital investment in equipment. Compatible device list

Expert online technology

Automatic interpretative analysis of ABPM data

dabl is the only system to provide automatic interpretative analysis of ABPM readings in accordance with the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) guidelines.

Enhanced data security

The dabl online system for ABPM and HBPM improves data security and disaster recovery. Secure access and user authentication assures data protection. Chief Investigators can have instant and direct access (from anywhere) to data, where it is required.

Differentiated user role and privileges

Investigators, supervisors and monitors can have different access privileges, depending on their requirements and involvement.

Superior data integrity

All data is electronically signed to provide a guarantee that it has not been tampered with.

Immediate results

Data verified in real time

Data is automatically verified in real time in accordance with the study protocol. Ensuring the completeness of each recording removes the expense of manual verification and data cleaning.

Data immediately validated

Both manually entered data and automatically uploaded data are validated immediately according to the protocol requirements ensuring its correctness.

Quick adverse event capture

Should the level or change in any data indicate an adverse event the system will provide an appropriate warning with automatic notifications as required.

Features of dabl Research >

Some of the key features of the dabl system for ABPM and HBPM include:

System customisation

The dabl system can be customised to suit the specific requirements of any research protocol.

Centrally hosted

Data is transmitted online to a central database.

Standardised format

Data loaded from blood pressure devices is accessed, stored and presented in a standardised format, regardless of the make or model of the device.

Ease of implementation

The only requirement is broadband access to the internet in a Microsoft Windows environment. 

No local IT requirements

No software is installed locally, no local server required.

Ease of use

All dabl systems are designed to be user-friendly.  Minimum training required which is important in a multi-centre trial. 

Role specific access

Access can de tailored for investigators, supervisors and monitors.

High level of security

Includes user authentication, data encryption, and auditing controls.

Disaster Recovery

Data is backed up automatically on a daily basis.  Disaster Recovery plans guarantee against data loss and efficient restoration of access.


A full history of “who did what, where and when” for all data entries and changes.

Custom reporting

Tailored to requirements.


We have partnerships with a number of device manufacturers which enables us to supply a complete ABPM and HBPM solution including devices.  dabl links to a wide range of validated devices.  For more information on validated blood pressure devices, go to the dabl Educational Trust website, of which dabl is a founding sponsor.

Multilingual interfaces

Available as required.

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