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dabl 24 hour Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) Chart

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Automatic, interpretative report of 24-hour ABPM blood pressure data

dabl ABPM is the only expert online software system for the accurate diagnosis and management of hypertension using 24-hour ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement) for hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

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Accurate Diagnosis = Quality Treatment

Until the availability of dabl ABPM the interpretation of ABPM was complex because computerised techniques of data were not utilised to make the procedure more accessible to doctors and their patients.

The dabl ABPM system has been developed to overcome these shortcomings by providing a standardised plot of the 24-hour blood pressure profile, a summary of key calculations and a computer-generated interpretative report of the recorded blood pressures. On-line transmission of data which allows for instantaneous reporting and storage of data for research and follow-up and a trend plot of all ABPMs shows the progress and the effectiveness of 24-hour blood pressure control.

Versions of dabl ABPM >

There are 4 versions of dabl's 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure software available: 

dabl ABPM

Designed for GP & Community clinics.

dabl ABPM Pharmacy

Specially designed for a pharmacy setting.

dabl ABPM Plus

Ideal for specialist/hospitals/research centres that require additional statistics. 

dabl ABPM Health Screening

Easy-to-use system for offering 24-hour ABPM in an occupational/health screening setting. 

All of our systems include the dabl ABPM interpreted report and the dabl ABPM trend report.

dabl ABPM - the choice of so many, including the experts >

Evidence based

dabl ABPM is the only expert system for 24-hr ABPM.  All users have access to the most up-to-date evidenced-based system for the management of hypertension. 

Used and recommended by experts

International hypertension experts use and recommend the dabl ABPM system due to its consistency and avoidance of errors due to human bias. 

Links to multiple devices

The only 24-hour ABPM reporting system to link to a range of validated ABPM devices.


The only 24-hour ABPM system to produce a Trend Report which is extremely useful in monitoring a patient’s blood pressure over a period of time. 


This ability for the patient to easily understand their profile has had very positive effects on compliance.

Research Based >

dabl ABPM is the product of close collaboration with many international centres of excellence that use the system for clinical practice. The dabl systems are continuously updated in line with international research and best practice guidelines. Development of the dabl products is closely monitored by the dabl Medical Advisory Board Medical Advisory Board which comprises some of the top experts in the world in the area of cardiovascular medicine.

dabl ABPM Online System – Low Cost, Secure and Convenient >

Only requirements

Broadband and Internet Browser.

High level of security

All data encrypted and backed up.  

Minimal cost

No software installed locally, no local server required, automatic updates to the system.

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