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dabl ABPM one page blood pressure report

dabl ABPM is the only system in the world to generate a unique standardised plot and interpreted text report of ambulatory blood pressure measurements, regardless of the monitor used. This is incorporated into a one page report.

Physicians are familiar with the complexity and variety of reports produced by ABPM monitors. Historically, the emphasis has been on the quality and validation of the hardware. Now it is recognised that the software used to report on the measurements has equal importance.

The dabl ABPM one page report assists the physician by producing automatic diagnostic reports highlighting mean daytime and night time pressures with the appropriate classifications, against a background of shaded daytime and night-time windows.

Special forms of hypertension, such as white-coat hypertension and isolated systolic hypertension are identified. This one page report saves considerable time for the medical team and standardises all reporting of 24-hour blood pressure measurement. Reports can be printed in colour, emailed or copied to another system.

dabl ABPM report compared to ABPM device reports.


dabl ABPM Report


Device ABPM Report




Automatically interpreted. No specialist knowledge required.



No Interpretation. Specialist training is required.

One page report



Includes plot, averages, interpretation and full list of readings.



5-6 pages in length.

Patient friendly



Patient's can see immediately if their values are above or below the normal ranges.



Difficult for patient to understand.

Multiple devices



Integrates with a number of validated monitors



Each monitor has its own report.