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dabl 24 hour Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) Chart

dabl ABPM Plus >

dabl ABPM Plus - the expert system for 24-hr ABPM in hospitals and specialist clinics

The dabl automatic interpretation will save your centre valuable time and resources spent manually interpreting the blood pressure data. The online system allows your centre to easily collaborate in hypertension research, nationally and internationally. 

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Benefits of dabl ABPM Plus >

Save time & resources

Once the blood pressure readings are uploaded, they are automatically interpreted and a patient report is instantly generated.  

Multiple ABPM patterns

The dabl ABPM Plus system provides interpretation for the many patterns of 24-hour blood pressure including white coat hypertension, isolated systolic hypertension, hypertensive dipper and hypertensive non-dipper. 

Easily review medication

The dabl ABPM Trend Report is available to review patient progress, especially useful for those on anti-hypertensive medication.

Regularly updated

Periodic updates are provided to ensure that users always have the latest guidelines, research and expertise available to them.

Recommended by experts

International hypertension experts use and recommend the dabl ABPM system due to its consistency and avoidance of errors due to human bias. 

Patient friendly report

The dabl ABPM report is patient-friendly. Patients can see immediately if their blood pressure is within the normal limits. This aids medication compliance.

Research capabilities Collect data in a standardised format for further analysis, with the easy-to-use dabl ABPM Plus system. National and international collaboration between centres is possible. 

Features of dabl ABPM Plus >

dabl ABPM Plus combines the very successful dabl ABPM system for the diagnosis and management of hypertension, with a range of important statistics, ideal for those involved in research. 

Automatic diagnosis

Blood pressure data is uploaded directly from ABPM device and automatically interpreted in seconds. 

Editable interpretation

The automatic interpretation is fully editable.

Status shown immediately

The dabl plot immediately shows the patient's blood pressure.

One page diagnostic report

The dabl ABPM report is laid out in a concise format on one page which includes the dabl plot, blood pressure averages, the automatic interpretation and a full list of readings.

Additional statistical report

A statistical report is generated which includes hourly means, standard deviation, nocturnal dip, morning surge and AA Stiffness Index. 

251 statistics provided

The system provides 251 types of statistics as standard.

Trend reporting

The dabl ABPM Trend Report which shows all previous ABPMs can be automatically generated after 2 ABPMs.

Multiple devices

dabl ABPM Plus links to a number of validated ABPM devices.

Import existing ABPMs

Your existing ABPM data can be incorporated into the dabl ABPM Plus system.

dabl ABPM Plus Process - it's simple! >

Only 4 simple, quick steps required to provide an accurate diagnosis

Step 1

Register or search for the patient's details in dabl ABPM Plus system.

Step 2

Initialise the validated 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) device and then fit the ABPM device onto the patient.

Step 3

When the patient returns the next day, connect the 24-hour ABPM device to the computer and upload the blood pressure readings to the patient’s record.

Step 4

The dabl ABPM Plus interpreted report is generated within seconds of reading the data.

dabl ABPM Plus Online system - Low Cost, Secure and Convenient >

Only requirements

Broadband and Internet Explorer browser.

High level of security

All data encrypted and backed up.  

Minimal cost

No software installed locally, no local server required, automatic updates to the system.

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